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The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 107: Császta Hill, Edelény

császtahegyEdelény's winemakers host a festival every September up on their hill, but we have not yet been able to make it. Kata was feeling very under the weather on her birthday, but was in need of fresh air after several days sick in bed. She suggested we take a look at the wine cellars in Edelény and take in the view. It was an amazing spring day, bordering on summer temperatures again. If you turn in at the big yellow church in the town centre, follow the road uphill for a few kilometres until the end. The road has only one branching possibility, and in this case bear left and do not go on the unpaved road. Up at the top there is a nice cavalry hill with Stations of the Cross, a bell tower, picnic tables and several small concert stages. If you park and walk along the path winding to the right you will pass by several dozen wine cellars. I do not know if they are open regularly for tastings or if you császtahegyneed to pre-book, or if they are just for the families, but if nothing else, their architecture is worth looking at. The view is also superb. Császta Hill is a hidden gem we never suspected existed just around the corner, and it will certainly play an important part in some future picnic.