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The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park, Part 113: Local Goat Cheese

kecsegtető kecskefarmKata and Lili attended the annual Opera Festival in Perkupa, starring local boy Csaba Szegedi from the State Opera. At the festival they encountered a young couple Vivien Bianka and Andor Szabados selling goat cheese and grilled goat cheese burgers. We decided take a bike ride and visit them in nearby Szöllösardó. The last time we had been up that way was a trip to Egerszög a year or two ago when the road was under reconstruction. It was odd that I had not heard of these folks since I had meticulously researched all the local producers, but they have been active for 3 years.

We arrived late morning at the Kecsegtető Kecske Farm, but our timing was not too good. Andor was in the middle of making cheese, and asked us to return in 5 minutes. We went to the local shop and bought some bread so that we could have some fresh goat cheese sandwiches for lunch. When we returned, Andor took us on a quick tour of the farm. Vivien has put up small hand painted signs around the place with funny quotes in English. The couple have about 50 goats. We were disappointed to learn they are not organic. They practice a kind of half-intensive mode of farming. However, their cheeses kecsegtető kecskefarmare still delicious. We bought a chunk of smoked cheese, some grillable cheese, and 1.5 litres of milk. Cheeses are 4000 HUF/kg, and milk is 400 HUF/litre. We had our lunch at a picnic table just outside of the village before cycling back.

For dinner, Kata coated the grill cheese with olive oil, herbs and lemon pepper, accompanied by a fresh salad from our garden. Excellent! I am now able to order from the farm regularly and meet them on the main road in Szalonna as they pass by on their way to deliver their cheeses to hotels and restaurants.