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The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 122: Bódvaszilas Cabbage Festival

The annual Cabbage Festival was held in Bódvaszilas over the long holiday weekend, and Jeroen and I headed over there for our annual ünnepi lángos, a kind of bread stuffed with sweet cabbage and baked in an outdoor stucco oven. This is a very small event, but a motivated minority make the pilgrimage every year to taste local cabbage specialities from the Gömör-Torna region, see friends, and hear some folk music. We immediately ran into József and Éva who run the ice-cream stand in Perkupa. Also on hand were our friends Simon, Dora, Emma and Eric from Szögliget; Béla and Judit who run cultural-historical walking tours in Jósvafő as well as the ANPI-certified "Kisház" guesthouse, and Nora who runs the Tengerszem Hotel and Restaurant in Jósvafő who was on the lookout for local dishes to introduce on the menu. I ate some cabbage strapachka, and ordered an ünnepi lángos to take home. The folk music was particularly good this year, performed by the Csender Zenekar.