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Treehugger Dan's Positive Blog: OSHO Oriental Soup House

oshoWandering around the 13th District and enjoying the continuing indian summer, we were getting peckish and stumbled across the OSHO Oriental Soup House on the corner of Balzac and Hollan Ernő u. I do not know if I have EVER seen, let alone gone into a restaurant where there is literally a line out the door. It was even more surprising since lunch time was over hours before. The place was packed and bustling. The waitstaff seemed very on top of things and professional, and the menu looked intriguing so we waited about 15 minutes and were seated. The restaurant styles itself as a soup house, and indeed there is plenty of Vietnamese pho dishes on the menu, but there are also dimsum and spring rolls. Kata went for the dim sum soup (1200 huf), and I ordered the canh tofu pho (1300 huf). Both dishes were good, and neither one of us could finish the portions. There must be a secret to eating the thick slippery noodles in these dishes, but even though we tried both spoons and chopsticks, we did not discover the best method without splattering ourselves with soup. Next time we will try and get a seat at the counter that runs along in front of the open kitchen and reminded me of one of my favourite movies Tampopo.