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Books to read on the Tram

Lord love you all, but I find I can't concentrate on a good Steinbeck or Tolstoy with tram doors opening and closing. So here is a list of books with all the entertainment but none of the pretension.

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Audrey Niffenegger - The Time Traveller's Wife (something for everyone, including short history of punk music)
Walter Dean Myers - Fallen Angels (Follows a soilder's story in the Vietnam War)
Anna Blundy - Neat Vodka (British journalist in Moscow is accused of Murder)
William Goldman - The Princess Bride (the book IS better than the movie...from the same man who brought us Butch Cassidy)
Laurell K. Hammilton - The Anita Blake Series (Your IQ may drop, but you will be having so much fun you won't notice)
Elizabeth Kostova - The Historian
Eva Rice - The lost Art of Keeping Secrets (Young man after WWII, training to be a Magician...lots of fun)
Steven King - The Diary of Ellen Rimbaur (He won't admit to writing it, so you may find it in the Diary or Biography section)
Sandor Marai - Embers (English translation, ONE conversation in this book lasts SIX chapters...masterful)
Diana Gaboldon - The Outlander Series (Highland Scots fighting the English and explains what Stonehenge was used for)