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There is a 100 year-old veranda-fronted adobe peasant house for sale that we used to call our home.

No Real Estate Agent Inquiries Please!!!

There is a 100 year-old veranda-fronted adobe peasant house for sale that we used to call our home.

hedghehog houseWe renovated, built and beautified our hearts out, and gave the house all the love it needed. When we bought it in 2004, the house had been empty for 10 years. We totally renovated it inside and out in 2006, including the addition of some rooms, new electrics and plumbing. The kitchen and under the veranda were tastefully tiled, floors sanded and stained, and the adobe walls whitewashed. The kitchen and bedroom furniture and cabinets were all done by a young local craftsperson in an appropriate rustic style and stained/painted with environmentally-friendly products.

Our 80 m2 home was finally ready in the summer of 2006. One enters the kitchenhouse, as is the tradition in the countryside, directly into a large 20 m2 kitchen. The kitchen opens to the left into a 20 m2 living room to one side, leading to a 20 m2 bedroom. To the right, the kitchen opens into a hallway where one can find a 7m2 guest room, 8 m2 full bathroom (with bathtub) and toilet, and another separate toilet.

A large tile stove provides heating in the bedroom. A huge stucco stove graces the living room where once can spend a romantic evening or in the company of friends in front of the 60 cm window. A stucco-sparhelt was built in the kitchen that not only provides heat, but has a double functionality and can also be used to cook on during the colder months without the need to use the gas stove. Water is drawn from a lined well. The roof was completely replaced in 2010, and in 2015 we utilised high-tech, environmentally-friendly blown cellulose living roomto insulate the attic area.

In 2014 we found jobs in the area and became permanent residents. There followed another round of changes and beautifications. A large organic garden was nursed into creation behind the house, and the organic fruit and nut trees were pruned back to health (cherry, apple, pear, plum, elderberry, hazelnut and walnut). We revelled in the "fruits" of our labour and what the earth provided, so much so, that we ended up renovating the cellar area as well just store all the goodies we produced. The cellar also houses the 50 litre electric water pump that draws the well water into the house. Sewage goes into a large dug and lined septic tank behind the house. A storage area is above the cellar. Since we heated with wood, we built a wood storage in 2016 that is capable of holding up to 20 m3 of firewood. We used between 7-10 m3 of bedroomfirewood a year.

We enjoy being in nature no matter the season, which is why we built a 12 m2 winter garden conservatory that is not only good for sprouting plants for the garden in spring, but also for spending sunny Autumn and Spring late afternoons in. The Aggtelek hills are just out the front door, making for convenient excursions and good mushrooming.

The "Hedgehog House" is literally at the edge of the forest in the heart of Aggtelek National Park. An old stone wall marks the street front of the property, unique in the area. The Bódva River marks the far side of the 3460 m2 property, of which a large section is fenced in, including the fruit trees and the vegetable garden. There are no immediate neighbours. Only the birds break the silence of the countryside.

gardenThe village of Szalonna boasts a medieval church; and Rakaca Lake, Hungary's largest freshwater reservoir, which is ideal for fishing and swimming. Nestled in Aggtelek National Park and World Heritage Site, the area offers many attractions, such as Europe's second largest cavern system. Annual events include the Fruit Festival in Aggtelek, Hucul Horse Festival in Jósvafő, the Cabbage Festival in Bodvaszilasi, the pig killing festival in Jósvafő, concerts in the caves, and the Opera Festival in Perkupa.

If you desire to leave city life behind and lead The Good Life in one of Hungary's most beautiful natural areas, then this house would be perfect for your new start. Please contact us at +36-70-516-2716. If a serious offer is received, furniture could also be included in the 14.7 million HUF asking price.

We would be pleased to meet interested parties in person, with the exception of real estate agents!!!

-Dan és Kata

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