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Concert: The Jazz Apples

Date and time: 
02/02/2011 19:30

The Jazz Apples is a new formation satisfying an old need: to offer English-speaking jazz entertainment for the English-speaking community in Budapest — and for everyone else who appreciates it, of course. Singer Gabor Bihari has been planning on doing this for quite a while, ever since he moved to Budapest from his home city of Los Angeles, where he partly grew up. But when he recently met jazz pianist Rezső Ludvig, the time to procrastinate was clearly through. The Jazz Apples will feature a careful selection of your favorite classic jazz tunes, including Cole Porter's music (Bihari's all time favorite) and a blend of modern jazz with some twists and surprises. So please forgive Bihari for his debaucherous rocking past. It was all part of a process of maturing. More info:;
at Discover Budapest/Treehugger Dan’s Lazar u. 16
500 forint (students 300)