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Lucy és a trubadúrok/Lucy and the Troubadours

Date and time: 
05/26/2011 19:30

Thursday, May 26, 19:30-21:00 Lucy és a trubadúrok/Lucy and the Troubadours. Lucy Frankel moved from Leeds to Budapest in 2007, armed only with the Hungarian words for one, two, three and potato. She has lived and played music here since then, and can now count up to four, which is handy as there are four in the band; Lucy on violin and vocals, Décsi Attila on guitar, Kiss Gábor on drums and Resch Béla on double bass. These four have played together in countless bands (Attila and Gábor for over 20 years), and now this new line-up introduces a sound not so commonly heard in Budapest. Blues, jazz, funk and folk all go into the mix, with English lyrics leading the toubadours through the highs and lows of each song.
at Discover Budapest/Treehugger Dan's Lazar u. 16,
500 forint (students 300)