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Concert: David Dely

Date and time: 
01/12/2012 19:30

david delyThursday. January 12, 19:30-21:00 David Dely and Company Concert, or in other words, Davidelyco, as the unique sound of his music that is the latest production that this singer-composer and multi-instrumentalist is launching this year, is based on songs that he has been composing over the years, most of them in Hungary, his home since 2001. Dely is already known as the founder and band leader of Tumba y Quema , a music group that has been on the Budapest music scene since 2004 and is characterized by their modern Latin-afro-Colombian sound that makes people vibrate with the drumming and the groove of the Latin blood. Now in this new project David is showing his other side: that of smooth tunes with Latin colors and some new proposals in their sound world... Most of the lyrics are in Spanish as part of the instrumentation and a native label of the author. In this lineup he also has violin, double bass, small percussions, ethnic flutes and a special role for the guitar and other string instruments. This proposal brings a new "Psychedelic, in Spanish Psicodelico" world of music as an invitation to a journey that David wants to share with you, inspired by artists such as the Bazilian Caetano Veloso, the Cuban Carlos Varela, or the Dominican Juan Luis Guerra, among Discover Budapest/ Treehugger Dan's Lazar u. 16
500 forint (students 300)

Balint Kovács: Guitar, tres, ukulele

Hudak Zsofi: double bass

Marton Takács: percussion

Jerome Li-Thiao-Té: Violin

David Dely: voice,guitar, trad. flutes.