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Niall Connolly, World Peace, Churros and a Couple Restaurant and Shop Reviews

marcus goldsonWe were in Budapest a couple weeks ago to deal with flat issues and visit out new grandson Tomi. We had some time on our hands and wandered up from Kálvin tér towards Szerb u. We stopped into the Cserepes Cheese bakery/café at Kálvin tér for breakfast.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 109: 50th Birthday

zsory bathsI went up to Budapest for the night, catching a ride with Jeroen and Lennard, to have my regular birthday dinner with Chris. First I met my old friend Gergő who makes his own beer. Our neighbour Simon recognised that we had lots of wild hops growing along our back fence, so I bagged these up to give to Gergő to try.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 108: Music from Provence in Diósgyőr Castle and a Great Dinner at the Végállomás

michel montanaroKata used to have a lot of cassettes she loved to listen to, but which at some point were accidentally thrown away by someone. One of those cassettes was of flutist-percussionist Michel Montanaro. So when she came across the concert ad by chance, we had to go.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 107: Császta Hill, Edelény

császtahegyEdelény's winemakers host a festival every September up on their hill, but we have not yet been able to make it. Kata was feeling very under the weather on her birthday, but was in need of fresh air after several days sick in bed. She suggested we take a look at the wine cellars in Edelény and take in the view.Read more »

Holiday in Balatonfenyves

pavilon balatonlelleWe returned this year to Balatonfenyves with Kata's family. The weather was wonderful but scorching. For the trip we invested in a Green Valley bike rack for the car. For some reason, although made for a Dacia Sandero, it does not seem to have been made for women's bikes.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park: Stolen Clothes, Concert at Edelény Castle, the Blues in Szögliget

miskolc symphony orchestra edeleny castleWe have been lucky with the deep water, lack of algae and perfect temperature of Rakaca Lake this year, getting in maybe a swim a week for most of the summer. Last week was probably the last swim, since the temperature of the lake has reached my lower comfort zone.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 105: Bike Ride to Tornabarakony

rakaca lakeWe have been meaning to do a longer bike ride for quite some time, and the ride to Tornabarakony, partly through the woods, appealed to us. The weather has turned autumny, so temperatures were more suitable than in previous weeks. We took the road out of Szalonna, circled Rakaca Lake into Meszes and then into Rakacaszend.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 104: Trip to Tarcal

kikelet pinceOn a slightly overcast and rainy Sunday last week we made a trip to Tarcal, near Tokaj in the Zemplén Nature Reserve, to celebrate the August 20 Hungarian national holiday. On the way, I realised I knew one of the local vineyard owners, Stepanie Berecz of the Kikelet Vineyard.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 103: Tractor Festival and Lyra Symphony Orchestra

lyra symfonia zenekarBódvaszilas seems to be becoming a local cultural hub this year. They have organised the annual cabbage festival and church concert for many years, but this July they also organised a tractor festival and classical concert.

Read more »