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The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 89: VIII. Annual Gömör Fruit Festival 2016

VIII Gömör Fruit FestivalOrganised by the Gömöri Környezet- és Tájfejlesztő Egyesület, it was touch and go if it would happen this year.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 88: Kolorcity Festival - Muzsikás, Illés Emlékzenekar, Wine Tasting, Bird Ringing C

gumi centaurAugust 20th not only marked a national holiday in Hungary, but also the last day of the 3-week long Kolorcity Festival.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 87: Maszkura és a Tücsökraj and Theatre Brass Concerts

Maszkura és a TücsökrajThe annual one month long Kazincbarcika Kolor Fesztival also kicked off last week, and on Monday we travellRead more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 86: VIII. Annual International Hucul Festival and V. International Farrier Competit

V. International Farrier Competition JósvafőThis year saw an even greater number of foreign farrier competitors representing 6 countries (HU, UK, FR, FINN, PL, Ger). The 21 competitors in all included two from Finland for the first time, 4 from the UK, and three women.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 85: Holiday at Lake Balaton

nagyberekWe took our summer holiday this year in Balatonfenyves on the southern coast of Lake Balaton, taking advantage of the free use of a house kindly lent by family members.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 84: Bike Ride to Rudabánya and the Award Winning Pannon Seed Bank

rudabanya lakeWe still not have made good on our commitment to slim down. We have been on a few bike rides, but not as regularly as we could or should. Kata decided on the route this time, which brought us through Szendrő to Rudabánya.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 83: Opening of Irota Ecolodge, Szendrő Turns 20 and Garden Processing

irota ecolodgeLast week we had the winter firewood delivered. According to the little moisture meter I bought, for the most part the dry wood we ordered seems to be fairly dry. Firewood should be under 20% moisture. Norbi has cut it up and we will get it packed into the wood shed this week. The first year we used about 7m3, last year about 8m3.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 82: Szomolya Cherry Festival Saved by the Frim Fram Band

frim fram bandLast year Kata and I represented Aggtelek National Park at the Kaptarkő Festival in Szomolya, and we were told then that there is also an annual cherry festival held in the village. We decided to return in 2016 and try and get a few cherry saplings for our new orchard while we were at it. Read more »

Winners of Aggtelek National Park Official Product Certification in 2016

gonda eweThree years ago Aggtelek National Park announced its first four officially certified Park products, along with the other 9 Hungarian national parks.Read more »

The Good Life in Aggtelek National Park Part 81: Kazincbarcika Swim and Baradla Chamber Choir Festival

kazincbarcika poolChopping wood does not seem to keep off the winter fat, so we have kicked ourselves in the butt and begun regularly cycling again. We also go to Kazincbarcika once or twice a month for shopping, and last week we finally tried out the pool. It was friendly, clean and un-crowded. There is an outdoor pool but that is not open yet.Read more »