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Concert: Boll Weevil (pre-war folk blues)

Date and time: 
06/23/2011 19:30

Thursday, June 23, 19:30-21:00: Concert: Boll Weevil (pre-war folk blues). The Boll Weevil Folk Blues Gang is intent on displaying the diversity of early American black folk music with a repertoire including ballads, rags, gospels and spirituals besides blues songs.Read more »

Concert: The Jazz Apples

Date and time: 
02/02/2011 19:30

The Jazz Apples is a new formation satisfying an old need: to offer English-speaking jazz entertainment for the English-speaking community in Budapest — and for everyone else who appreciates it, of course. Singer Gabor Bihari has been planning on doing this for quite a while, ever since he moved to Budapest from his home city of Los Angeles, where he partly grew up.Read more »

Red Mud Aid Benefit

Date and time: 
12/04/2010 18:30

A BENEFIT NIGHT OF MUSIC AND COMEDY BY EXPATS FOR THE VICTIMS OF THE TOXIC RED MUD DISASTER IN WESTERN HUNGARY. Co-organised by Treehugger Dan’s, Little Britain Services, Baby Blue Banana and many other expat event organisers, this is an opportunity for the expat community to quickly and directly assist those living and working in the areas affected by the unprecedented, catastrophic toxic mud spill on October 4, 2010.
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Concert: Morzsa Records Showcase

Date and time: 
12/09/2010 19:30

A show from the popsters at Morzsa Records. Acoustic loops interspersed with lyrical slosh and marshy folk-ish rabbit-trails. A marriage of out-tempo songs with embarrassing extended families. Freddie and Zoltan have written some tunes and Endre, Jerome, Justin, Emma and hopefully many more help make them tolerable and possibly even contribute some of their own if they're so inclined. Sometimes we are Madame Yeti Woman, sometimes Americanacht, sometimes the Heartstring Stranglers, always your baráts and Discover Budapest/Treehugger Dan’s Lazar u. 16,Read more »

Dutch Embassy First Embassy to Go Fair Trade in Hungary

The Dutch Embassy has become the first embassy (to our knowledge) in Hungary to go Fair Trade. The embassy just placed their first order of Treehugger Dan's Fair Trade Kafequo coffee (55% arabica/45% robusta).Read more »

The Bard Room

Date and time: 
12/03/2009 19:30

Like Saint Nicolas arriving with his switches for all the naughty literary types of Budapest, on December 3, the Bardroom will be introducing new books by two local writers. Colorado-born journalist Marisa Beahm Klein is a veteran open mike organizer and slam poet, and will be reading from her debut volume of poetry Opened Aperture; while artist-writer-explorer-of-life-around-the-world Aubrey Ramage-Lay will share parts of his new book, Walking as Saints.Read more »

Marco & Kati Concert

Date and time: 
11/19/2009 19:30

Marco & Kati Concert (HU/FR). Come and check out Kati, a singer with a beautiful voice, who has been singing for 4 years and Marco, a talented musician and acoustic guitar player who has been playing since he was 12. Their Duo was set up in Budapest and they have been playing together for 1 year. Their music is mostly acoustic covers from different artists such as KT Tunstall, K's Choice and many more... at Discover Budapest/Treehugger Dan’s Lazar u. 16, 500 forint (students 300)

Michael Kentish Concert (UK)

Date and time: 
11/12/2009 19:30

Michael Kentish Concert (UK). Singer-songwriter Michael Kentish performs a deft balance of well crafted originals and carefully selected acoustic covers. Having ended up in Budapest in 2000, he played bass and sang with Tea Thieves, as well as Fabulon. He has also played in ethno trance outfit Pupilla Project, which lead to him working with Latin crossover band caracasUnderpop. He currently plays bass and sings with both them and The Random Chocolates. at Discover Budapest/Treehugger Dan’s Lazar u. 16, 500 forint (students 300)

Bob Pike (US)

Date and time: 
11/06/2009 19:30

Bob Pike (US) will be performing an acoustic set of songs from his 20 year invisible career and a living room volume set of rock and roll salvation with his band Rainbow Jizz. Entry 500 huf (students 300), at Discover Budapest/Treehugger Dan’s Lazar u. 16

20% off all used young adult books at Csengery u.

The “Treehugger Dan Needs His Office Space Book Sale.” We have brought down 10 boxes of young adult books from the gallery storage at Csengery u. for you all to dig through. I would like to clear the books out so I can finally use that space as the office it was intended to be 3+ years ago. So, I am offering 20% off all used young adult books (this does not include remainders) at Csengery u.

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